mgr Mirosław Michał Sadowski

mgr Mirosław Michał Sadowski
mgr Mirosław Michał Sadowski

research assistant

mgr Mirosław Michał Sadowski

Doctor of Civil Law (DCL) candidate at McGill University’s Faculty of Law, a Research assistant at the Institute of Legal Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences (INP PAN), a Researcher at the Centre for Global Studies at the Universidade Aberta in Lisbon, and a 2019 Master of Laws graduate of the University of Wrocław, Poland.

PhD thesis, written under the supervision of prof. Helge Dedek, will focus on a comprehensive examination of the mechanisms controlling the relationship between law and memory.

Mgr Sadowski has participated in over thirty-five conferences, including CLC 2015 – 2018; 2021, SLSA 2016 – 2019; 2021, SLS 2020 – 2021, McGill’s GLSA 2017, 2019 – 2021, and published three book chapters, fourteen articles and a conference report, with one book chapter and one article awaiting publication in 2022.

Mgr Sadowski is also the creator and first Editor-in-chief of “McGill GLSA Research Series,” co-editing its first issue, “The City: An Object or a Subject of Law?,” in 2021, as well as a co-organiser of several international conferences, including McGill’s GLSA 2021 and the joint McGill-Sapienza “Cultural Heritage – From the Midst of War to the Brink of Peace.” In the 2020/21 academic year he held the function of VP Academic of the Graduate Law Students Association (GLSA) at the Faculty of Law, McGill University, serving as the Association’s President in the 2021/22 academic year.

Mgr Sadowski is also a member of the British Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA), Society of Legal Scholars (SLS), Law and Society Association (LSA), Canadian Law and Society Association (ACDS/CLSA), and the Richard Wagner Society of Wrocław, where he serves as the Board Member responsible for International Relations.


Main research areas:

  • the intersections between law and memory;
  • sociology of law, cultural heritage law;
  • the law of Hong Kong and Macau SARs;
  • international law and political science.
Selected works:

Book chapters:

  • “Fluttering the past in the present. The role of flags in the contemporary society: Law, politics, identity and memory”, Flags, Color, and the Legal Narrative. Public Memory, Identity, and Critique (Cham: Springer, 2021) 85-101
  • “Central Europe in the Search of (Lost) Identity. The Illiberal Swerve”, Constitutional Identities in Central and Eastern Europe. The CEE Yearbook vol. 8 (Berlin: Peter Lang, 2020) 173-193
  • “Collective Memory and Historical Determinacy: The Shaping of the Polish Transition”, Central and Eastern European Socio-Political and Legal Transition Revisited. The CEE Yearbook vol. 7  (Frankfurt am Mein: Peter Lang, 2017) 175-192

Jurnal Articles:

  • “Law and Collective Memory in the Service of Illiberalism. Through the Looking-Glass: Transformation or a Reactionary Revolution?”, Krakowskie Studia Międzynarodowe – Krakow International Studies (2021), 1, 107-128
  • “Mapping the Art Trade in South East Asia: From Source Countries via Free Ports to (a Chance for) Restitution”, International Journal for the Semiotics of Law – Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique (2021), 34:3, 669-692
  • “City as a Locus of Collective Memory. Streets, Monuments and Human Rights”, Zeitschrift für Rechtssoziologie – The German Journal of Law and Society (2020), 40:1-2, 209-240 
  • “Millennial Academics, and Gen Z Students: How the Generational Change will Affect Legal Education”, Forum Prawnicze – Legal Forum (2020), 6:62, 24-39
  • “The Rule of Law, the Rule of Conflict? Hong Kong and Democracy – Past and Present Revisited”, Revue québécoise de droit international/Quebec Journal of International Law Hors-série (décembre 2019), 19-48
  • “Central Europe in search of (lost) identity. Literary and legal findings”, Fascicle „Administration. Theory – Didactics – Practice” 50:1 (2018), 130-147
  • “Cultural Heritage and the City: Law, Sustainable Development, Urban Heritage, and the Cases of Hong Kong and Macau”, Romanian Journal of Comparative Law 8:2 (2018), 208-245
  • “Law and Memory: The Unobvious Relationship”, Warsaw University Law Review 16:2 (2017), 262-290
  • “Urban Cultural Heritage: Managing and Preserving a Local Global Common in the Twenty-first Century”, Journal of Heritage Management 2:2 (2017), 125-151
  • “Crossroads of the World, Crossroads of the Law: Hong Kong and Macau Legal Systems Approaching 20 Years Post-Transition”, Comparative Law Review 7:1 (2016), 1-25
  • “Psychological, Social, Cultural, Literary, and Legal Dimensions of Memory”, Wrocław Review of Law, Economics and Administration 5:1 (2015), 141-161
  • “Pamięć w aspekcie psychologicznym, kulturowym i literackim”, Acta Erasmiana 7 (2014), 295-318
  • “Eponimy jako sposób wzbogacania leksyki”Acta Erasmiana 5 (2013), 289-308